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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Research has proven that consumers consistently choose the first three companies listed on the front page of search engines like MSN, Yahoo, and Google. When the correct search engine optimization content on your website, and the right keywords in your domain name, search engines will recognize your site as being an accurate and relevant website for consumers searching for your particular product or service. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is an integral part of Internet marketing. Using algorithmic search results, Jenco Media Group will improve the quality and volume of traffic to your website from search engines. Search engines connect consumers with providers, at the exact moment when a consumers interest is high, and this enables them to find what they want, exactly when they want it.



Search engines constantly change their algorithms’ in response to the growing number of websites that are added each day. They do this to make sure the consumer is finding the optimum site for the keywords they type in. Here at Jenco Media Group we continually stay on track with reading and research which allows us to ensure your website will always have the advantage over the competition, so consumers will find you first.

The strategy needed to gain top search engine rankings requires experience, patience, and diligence. Our team has years of experience in implementing search engine optimization; and for those clients who have followed our recommendations and committed to their customized marketing plan, the results have been phenomenal. We have vowed to form a trusting, and loyal commitment to our clients, and our methods are in strict compliance with the guidelines and standards held by the (WAIM) World Association of Internet Marketers.

We will work to ensure your needs are met, maintained, and it will not matter if you are a Chicago Criminal Attorney or a New Orleans Roofing Contractor; every client will receive the same expert attention and service. providing you with customized Search engine optimization strategy, only after analyzing your market strategy, and website performance. While the different strategies may vary, the excellent results will be the same.



• Link Building – The single largest factor used in determining which websites will be listed by any search engine, is their incoming links to other websites.


• Press Releases -Over 75% of researchers and searchers get their news online every day. Having an optimized press release in the news section of Yahoo News or Google News can have you in front of the largest online audience possible.


• Article Marketing – This marketing method affects the traffic flow to your site, increases the link density, and therefore affects your search engine listing. Article marketing is a vital factor in Search Engine Optimization.


• Performance Tracking – Using website statistics to determine just how effective your marketing campaign, advertising, and search engine optimization really is. We establish key performance indicators to use as the benchmarks to measure tactical objectives, goal conversions, and time lines.


• Web Video Marketing – We will help you effectively communicate your product or service profiles and benefits using online video marketing.


• Web Content Writing – By providing useful, interesting information that solves a problem or answers a question , your website content will attract consumer attention, and build interest in your company.


For local companies seeking to build their profits by using online websites, search engine optimization is very important. Using Search engine optimization, a company can reach their local consumers, and be ahead of the competition in any industry. Here are just a few reasons why search engine optimization is the most effective way to market your company on the Internet.


The growing trend to target the local audience with online marketing, falls under our teams expert search engine optimization expertise. We have a deep understanding of how the search engines use organic search results, and the ever changing algorithms they use as a measuring tool.

This is what search engine optimization does for you, and we understand every part of what it takes to move your website into the top of the rankings. Search engine optimization becomes critical when the numbers are understood;

75% of all consumers using the Internet prefer organic results. Consumers do not prefer to use PPC ads. (PPC marketing campaigns do have a place in building your organic ranking.)

93% of all consumers using the Internet never go past the first three pages of a search engine’s organic results.

A good ranking in organic searches can drive tremendous amounts of traffic to a local business, when your site ranks above other similar businesses. They key to top ranking for local companies, no matter the industry, is the use of rich keywords; when a consumer types in dentist, they will get thousands of dentist names, the more they define their search with keywords, the closer they will come to you. If you are a dentist on Omaha, Nebraska, specializing in maxi focal oral surgery; you do not want your site listed as dentist; you would want every part of your specialty, and geographic location listed, so the local audience could find you on the top of the search page.


With a Search Engine Optimization campaign, you will see results continuously after the initial investment. With PPC campaigns, you are paying for each click, and once your sponsored website results end, the exposure ends with it. (Once more we want you to understand that; PPC marketing campaigns do have a place in building your organic ranking.)


If you are seeking the highest return (ROI) for your marketing budget, then nothing beats search engine optimization! Viral media, online technology, and the ease of having the world at their fingertips with iPod’s, iPads, and home computers, consumers are not looking through newspapers and phonebooks for what they need; Internet marketing campaigns that are search engine optimized, have made them a thing of the past.


An investment in search engine optimization means you will be reaching part of the almost 2billion readers who daily search the Internet for the products and services your local business is providing. Online ratings show that in the first half of 2010, 53% of consumers purchased from the sites they visited.