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Website Leasing

Can you see the benefits of your business being seen on the front page of search engines, every time someone uses your keywords? Being on the front page means your visibility will be maximized for exposure to the millions of consumers who use the Internet every month. With a rich resource like front page rankings, you will see a drastic increase in traffic volume and your bottom line.

Jenco Media Group wants to offer their clients every conceivable option when it comes to helping our clients meet their goals. Which is why we provide a website leasing option for small business owners, all across the Nation.

Our custom built websites already hold top positions on all the major search engines, this allows you to take advantage of the long-term website marketing campaign strategies, that are already in place for your benefit.

Website Leasing For Cost-Effective Marketing

Jenco Media Group works to find the most economical solutions for our clients. With our website leasing program you can rent a fully search engine optimized website that will be geared towards your targeted, unique market. With a fully operational website, ready to go online, you can almost instantly be seeing the traffic that will expand your revenue significantly.

For a business in the highly competitive fields like medical practice or law firms, every new referral is vital for continued growth, and success. We understand that your online marketing strategy must be optimized in order to ensure your marketing strategy is efficient, and not wasting your resources on poorly targeted audiences.

Here at Jenco Media Group, we excel in creating search engine optimization marketing strategies that will target the specific geographic location, and specific services you want to promote.

Why Should You Lease?

The most cost effective marketing tool for quick response, is website leasing. Every business owner has one goal in common; long term profits. Long term profits are generated with marketing tools that are effective in reaching a targeted audience.

Marketing tools like newspapers, billboards, and direct mailings, are extremely expensive, and they are not directly aimed at or targeting the audience you are trying to reach. With the higher cost per lead ratio, you will never come out ahead of the marketing cost.

Search engine optimization strategies in place on your website, will allow your website to have a refined brand image, target a wider demographic, and have on hand a rich source of eager consumers searching for a business just like yours. With the cost effectiveness of reaching a targeted audience your cost per lead ratio just dropped dramatically.

Creating Long Term Marketing Strategy

When you create an online presence now, you will be taking advantage of the leading medium that consumers are using to find information, buy products, research for the best service or product they need, and the #1 source for daily news in the country. The North American Internet audience increases daily, your option to take control of your business now, and have an optimized website, will give you front page dominance on every leading search engine, and drive traffic to your website.

Appealing Design and Quality Content

You can drive all the traffic in the world to a website, but if they do not find the design to be appealing, or the content to be of quality; they will not convert or even stay around long enough to even see what you are offering. You must grab their attention, to increase your conversion rates.

Integrating Your Business Logo And Brand Is Easy

We have created a list of industry specific designs, that make it easy to incorporate your brand image and logo. Every website is attractive, search engine optimized, and filled with quality content. For those businesses who want to take their company to the next level, we offer customized capabilities to take them there. With our team of experts working with your ideas and goals, a custom web design can be personalized for your company in a very short time.

SEO Benefits and Keyword Rich Domains

Jenco Media Group has a ready supply of websites we maintain, that contain the domains with critical keywords that are formulated for your location and industry. For example: and are two of our website leases available now. For any online marketing campaign, keyword rich domains are an asset that cannot be beat.

Generate Even More Quality Leads!

Are you currently benefiting from search engine traffic? Online growth potential expands every day. You can attract new referrals, and steady customers by refining your businesses online image with our website leasing program, and our search engine optimization marketing campaigns.

We can and will provide you with an online, live demonstration of just how your prospective website lease will appear on the front page of the leading search engine; Google! Our ready team of search engine consultants, strategist, and experts will analyze your existing marketing strategy, suggest the marketing tools that will enhance your lead conversions.

If you do not have any of these in place, we will go over step by step what is needed for your marketing campaign to be successful for your unique business.

You can learn more about the benefits of search engine optimization strategies, website leasing and their benefits by calling us at 1-888-549-8871 or contact us online to speak personally with one of our Search Engine Optimization Consultants.